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Feet are so often neglected until they start getting cracked tired and feeling achy and this mini heatwave is not helping one bit making them swollen and creating that sluggish feeling as if like walking through treacle......Well help is not far away with a custom made pedicure you can choose what product will be best for you

What will you choose from the menu BELOW

each product is Vegan, paraben-free and gluten-free   

Feeling discomfort?

Jasmine soothe

Soothe and purify your skin

jasmine improves the skins elasticity and helps fade stretch marks and scars


Vitamin recharge with vitamin c

Recharge your feet

vitamin c slows the rate of free radical damage which causes skin dryness and wrinkles


Lemon quench with lemon extract

Quench your skins thirst

lemon contains enzymes which help to cleanse the skin of any dead cells and flush away toxins

Swollen feet?

Ocean refresh with algae and peppermint

Seaweed extract helps to increase circulation peppermint gives the feet a cooling sensation


Tangerine twist with vitamin c

Tangerine contains anti fungus and antiseptic properties which help prevent and treat skin infections as well as stretch marks


Olive sensation with virgin olive oil

Extra virgin oil contains vitamin A and E that helps repair and renew skin from overexposure to the sun


Eucalyptus energy boost

The Eucalyptus provides a stimulating experience that will leave you ready to get on with your day 

All my pedicure treatments start with a gorgeous relaxing soak from your chosen range so just to start to feel yourself unwind as you listen to soft music and let your worries just drift away.......

moving on to a leg and foot scrub to exfoliate the skin leaving behind a glowing fresh feeling using hot towels to remove the scrub just lets the mind relax deeper

so your really starting to relax now as i move on to painting a mask from your selection onto your legs and feet where you can simply drift off for 10 mins and while your doing that i will get to work on your nails trimming filing treating the cuticles.

once the mask has completed its job again the removal is done with hot towels which are refreshing and relaxing.

time to massage your legs and feet to stimulate and flush out any toxins and to also to relax 

I end the treatment with painting your nails a colour of your choice. 

The cost of this treatment is £35

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