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Jikiden Reiki is an energy healing practice which originated in Japan by using the life-force energy ki and focusing energy on areas that most need it. I am able to re-awaken the natural healing process in yourself promoting the feeling of well being.

The treatment itself is very peaceful, you will be invited to lay on the beauty couch fully clothed and wrapped up to keep you warm and cosy.

I will then place my hands on your body starting with the head and working down the body, I will be feeling for any areas of blockages (Boysen)in the flow of energy these blockages will create different sensations to my hands and you may feel a warmth coming from them, this is natural and this is energy coming from me to you, this is what we call reiki.

A massage to increase the flow of energy will end the treatment, you may feel light headed after the treatment so please be kind to yourself for the rest of the day and drink plenty of water. Your emotions may even alter but they will balance out after a few days, its a great well being treatment if you've been suffering emotionally or just really run down it helps to get you back to you again.

£30 for 1 hour treatment

why not combine with a hot stone massage and a chakra crystal healing for complete mind and body relaxation £60 for two and half hours treatment

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