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Mind and body signature treatment 

Step into your own sanctuary with a heated bed and peaceful music to drift off to. I know life can be a struggle at times so come and spend 2 and half hours with me and enjoy a treatment that has been created especially for you to balance both the mind and body leaving you ready to face the world again what ever it demands.

Relaxing the body

We will start with a hot stone massage with a choice of aromatherapy oils, this will help to relax those tight muscles and start to help the mind switch off....1 hour


Balancing the mind and body

You can either have a reflexology treatment which works on the pressure points of the feet which, are aligned with parts of the body and bodies organs, by pressing these points it helps to promote self healing.....Or if you are not keen on your feet being touched you can have a full body crystal chakra healing which works to balance the bodies energy system which also helps with self healing we also use sound healing with this treatment to balance the aura......1 hour 


We finish this treatment with half an hour of reiki (energy) healing


please see individual treatments for more information.

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