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My crystal journey started about 30 years ago when I picked up a crystal from a wonderful new age shop on the isle of wight, and I thought wow, I didn't know why or how something so little could suddenly change my mood, suddenly I felt a surge of joy I walked around the shop holding this little yellow gem and I felt it pulsing in my hand like a tiny heart beat, still I thought wow and I must have this magic gem...

In the last few years I have collected many beautiful crystals and achieved several crystal qualifications


That tiny heart beat I felt all those years ago was a release of the crystals energy and that sudden wow and feeling of joy was the energy exchange from it to me, its an exchange of energy, they give and take and we absorb ad release, it happens through out our being but the principal energy route is through our chakras especially the seven major chakras...our energy hot spots.


There are seven major chakras in the body which control the health of specific areas of the body and the way we interact with the external energy of other people, your surroundings and your lifestyle, by drawing in processing and distributing energy chakras act as doorways to the healing energies of the crystals.

By placing the correct crystals on the chakras we can help to rebalance and recharge the body and the state of mind. 


The body holds on to stress in many ways sore shoulders head aches tummy troubles etc it also comes out emotionally crying feelings of sadness or snapping at people we love, this imbalance can be very tiring both on both the body and mind and stop you from doing your favourite things, holding or place crystals on the chakras can help to reset you it can also help to quieten the mind so you can rest and think more clearly.


Let me rebalance your body and mind with crystals and singing bowls, enjoy an hour to switch off relax and unwind and feel the crystal energies merging with yours 



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