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Angelic Reiki  


In todays busy lives we all need a way to reconnect to ourselves we often feel exhausted by life's frustrations, our minds wondering endlessly not sleeping or communicating well with others and wanting to just isolate ourselves, when our body and mind become stressed like this we often find it comes out in the body with aches and pains headaches and emotional tiredness and anxieties.

Angelic Reiki works by using a gentle yet powerful healing energy to help calm, relax and revive your tired mind and body it can help you to deal with deeper issues of the mind, but remember the angels will help in a very gentle way so as not to scare you, but to help you remove blockages that stop you moving forward in your life and living the life you want to live

The treatment will involve you sitting upright in a chair fully clothed so its available to everyone, it is a hands on Reiki but only at the shoulders as the angelic energy will travel to where it is needed in the body, you might have tingles or shudders of the body that's perfectly fine and to be expected its wonderful to feel the energy so just enjoy it. 

£30 for 1 hour treatment 

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