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                                                                                                                 Priadara Java Body Detox Wrap
Priadara Java wrapOriginating in Indonesia the Priadara Java wrap incorporates an age-old process in a new age answer to slimming. The java wrap is a thermal body wrap that helps to flush out toxins, stimulate the lymphatic system, reawaken the organs and cleanse and heal the body.
The word Priadara comes from an ancient language....'Pria'
meaning loved one and 'Dara' meaning wisdom.
To help flush out toxins I will use bellabaci suction cups to massage the body prior the wrap, this will help to break up any cellulite, detoxify the body, reduce stretch marks, firms the skin, it helps with digestive disorders and so much more.
Priadara Java products contain natural plant, fruit and botanical extracts of eucalyptus, lime, ginger and mint which are combined to flush out toxins, cleanse the skin and decongest the body of any impurities, once the skin has been massaged with bellabaci cups you will be wrapped in thermal activating bandages to ensure the treatment paste is effectively penetrated into the skin. As a result you will be left feeling slimmer with firmer softer skin.
Massage with bellabaci cups......Breaks down fatty deposits and improve lymph drainage
Exfoliating scrub..........................Removes dead skin cells and opens pores
priadara treatment gel................Firms skin
Activating bandages
contour bandages
after treatment moisturising lotion....moisturises and tightens skin 
Please allow at least 2 hours for this treatment as the longer the bandages are on the better your results will be. While the bandages are you on I will give you a mini reflexology treatment which will help to relax and help to flush out any further toxins.
£45......legs tums bums and arms
Priadara Java wrap
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