Simply Gorgeous Mobile Beauty and Holistic Therapy - Relaxing and Revitalising you the Holistic way
Our feet are so often neglected with tight shoes and high heels which means we end up with dry cracked heels and sore tired feet and legs.                                              
Let me give them a soothing soak in a beautiful blend of relaxing essential oils, I will buff off your hard and give them an invigorating and scrub with orange blossom and rosemary oils and a intensive moisturising mask with heated booties followed with a leg and foot massage
I will treat the cuticles and trim and paint your nails     £30
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602784 10152374408792565 351909404 nWhy not really pamper your feet and have a deluxe treatment with a hot paraffin wax masque which will leave your feet feeling amazingly soft and silky. this masque will help to put the moisture back into severe dry skin and combined with the heated booties will open up pores to allow deeper penetration of moisturising creams, your cuticles will be softer and dry nails moisturised
This is a wonderful relaxing treatment and the results are so amazing you can see them in these before and after pictures.  £36

Ex foliate the skin twice a week.
Apply foot cream daily as this will help to condition to improve the condition of the skin.
Always wear the correct size shoe to prevent bunions and corns.
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